Mission and Vision

SomethingToGive.org's mission is to create a community that rewards and increases volunteerism.

Our vision is to create an online social network to give something back to those who give of themselves. This network will feature a marketplace that will provide a venue for people to 'spend' credits they have earned volunteering to 'buy' rewards that are offered by others. Our concept assumes that, whether it is volunteering your time or supplying access to a unique opportunity, we all have something to give.

How Does It Work?

SomethingToGive.org's platform will connect three groups:

  • Nonprofit and community organizations in need of volunteers
  • Potential volunteers
  • People who provide sought after life experiences as rewards to inspire others to volunteer

Using our website, volunteers will search for rewards of unique life experiences that might make them exclaim, "Wow, how can I do that?" The answer is simple: earn enough credit hours to 'win' that reward by volunteering your time to support a community service. They will find community service opportunities on the same website using search functions by interest and geographic area to be connected with 'jobs' that people truly enjoy. If people don't see a reward that motivates them, they can post a request for a reward, and there is probably someone who can deliver it. Volunteers can also post a reward themselves.

Why is SomethingToGive.org Necessary?

Bringing individuals together to work collectively is an important step in improving our communities. Individuals are reaching out to help, but others are also asking "What's in it for me?" SomethingToGive.org's unique idea of enabling every person the chance to reward a volunteer and be rewarded for volunteering brings a new volunteer demographic to the table. It also provides a novel means of rewarding and retaining the current base of hard-working volunteers.

Where We Are Right Now

Fundraising to support viral marketing and kick-off events are underway, while fans of the idea are developing initial reward offerings. The website and technology components are under early stage development and the business model is being fine tuned every day. More help, however, is needed on this exciting and revolutionary project.

We Need Your Help, Small or Large!

We are looking for individuals to help us establish this social network with operational, logistical and financial support:

  • We seek assistance connecting with high-profile motivators - donors of experiences - as well as sponsors who connect with our mission and vision
  • We are searching for non-profit organizations in need of volunteers to post jobs to the site
  • We are seeking financial support to seed the preliminary website development and initial staff and start-up costs. NO donation is too small! - Every $5 makes a huge difference to getting this off the ground! SomethingToGive.org is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and donations are tax deductible.
SomethingToGive.org - Giving back to those who give to others
SomethingToGive.org is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization